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What is going on over here?

So many new things are happening! I just wanted to write a new post that will hopefully answer some questions for everyone. Our last day open at the current address was this past weekend. We are selling this building and moving to a smaller building we currently use for storage that is right across the square. Although the past two years have been wonderful, I have made the decision to do something more flexible and that will allow myself more time with my family. We are not going away, we are going online! Although our Etsy store has been open a couple years I have just recently started spending more time there and will continue as this will be our main selling outlet. We will still open where you can come in and shop occasionally at the new address during special events but it will primarily be online. We will also continue to host the Holt County Spring Market and may possibly add other events. Stay tuned to social media, our website and be sure to join our email list to get updates. We are excited to start a new chapter!