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Favorite Things Friday

Even though I have so many favorite things in the shop, I am going to narrow it down to my favorite 3 each week. Eventually, when I get my stuff together, I will offer a discount here for purchase of any of my favorite things. For now though, if you see this post, and the assuming the items are still available when you see it, just tell me you saw the post and we will get you 10% off that item. It will only be good for 30 days or until the item is gone, whichever comes first.

Favorite thing 1: Vintage metal stand marries live edge walnut slab- A actually got the base of this table from a friend that was getting rid of things and asked if I would be interested. It originally was turned differently and had a piece of glass sitting on top. Grandpa and I wasn't a huge fan and Grandpa came up with a genius idea, then had to tweak the genius idea and it became even more genius. And now we have a beautiful, unique, never gonna find another like me table.

Walnut on vintage metal stand = perfection

Favorite Thing 2: Shelly and Ashton, top consignors at the store, never disappoint. I think the reason this set is one of my favorites is obvious, but if you don't see it in the pic, come see it at the store.

Painted antique bed and dresser set. LOVE!

Favorite Thing 3: It may just be the mood I'm in but I love the new sassy coffee mugs from Mugsby.

Be sure to stop by this weekend and find some new favorite things!

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