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I <3 Frames!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Let’s talk picture FRAMES! Frames are everywhere! New frames, old frames, wood frames, metal frames, plastic frames, ornate frames, .... You get the idea. And frames aren’t just for pictures! The frames themselves can be the focal point. Or you can frame pretty much anything. You can use a simple frame or a gallery of frames to add some awesomeness to your decor.

Another great thing about frames is that they are very easy to upcycle and repurpose. Go to some garage sales, thrift stores, or your grandma’s attic, pick you up some old ugly frames (or new ugly frames or old pretty frames, etc...), grab a little bit of paint and in no time you have a brand new home decor piece!

No glass? No problem! Who needs glass? You can add glass if you really want it. Or chicken wire, string, fabric, or even cardboard with chalkboard paint. Or leave it empty. There are so many ways to use frames, I created a Pinterest board dedicated just to frames. And I’m sure I could keep adding and to it.

See my Pinterest board HERE!

They also aren’t just for hanging on the wall. They look great sitting on top of buffets, dressers, tables, etc just leaning against the wall. They can add height, depth, texture and color to your decor. And if a frame doesn’t fit the look you are going for, just change it! Again, just a little paint and time and you have a whole new frame!

I have some great vintage frames in my Etsy shop that I have painted. I also love to use frames when staging my furniture pieces to photograph and sell. The frame in the pic of the Pink and Gold Dresser

is holding the little dress and the baby headband with a flower is wrapped around it.

And of course you can always use the frames to frame your pictures.

As always, thanks for stopping by! We always love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment or even pics of creative ways you have used frames in your home.

See ya later!