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If You Are Bored, You Might be Boring

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

If you have children you may have heard the "I'm Bored!" line a few hundred

thousand times. My two youngest aren't quite there yet but my thirteen year old can claim to be bored after sitting in a car without a cell phone for 3.2 seconds. Although my response of "quit whining" is usually not the most helpful, I do like to remind him that the reason he is bored is that he is being boring. It seems that kids these days (boy do I sound like my parents when I use that phrase) are so used to being entertained by electronics they have no idea how to entertain themselves.

Switching gears... Are you bored with your home decor??? Well I don't want to say you are boring but your furniture and decor might be. One of the basic rules of decorating is to use pieces that fit your personality and that makes a space personal to you. You don't have to go overboard. And it doesn't mean you have to have a wall of all your kids' school pictures from kindergarten to college graduation (I know everyone knows someone with one of those walls). Of course you can if you want to, because it is YOUR space. But photos aren't the only way to make a space personal. Use pieces that you like and that reflect your personality and make you happy. If you love the color purple, well then have a piece or two that is purple! If you love nature, use pieces that incorporate nature into your room. There are so many options out there in art, decor pieces, fabric, furniture, etc, it is fairly easy to find (or create) something that reflects your hobbies, interests and likes and will fit into your personal preference of design style. It may just be adding a colorful piece of furniture, a sign with your favorite saying, or a piece that for whatever reason reminds you of a favorite time, place or person in your life.

The great thing about current decor trends is that everything doesn't have to match or be used for it's intended purpose. You don't have to have an 8 piece matching bedroom set. You can have a teal dresser and use a stack of suitcases for a side

table. Coat racks, shelves and wall hangings can be made from about anything imaginable. You can mix woods and metals and different textures and colors. You can be creative and unique!

I know, what will the neighbors think if you have a side table made from a vintage croquet set or a coffee table with an auger in it? First of all, who cares because it is your space. And second, they will admire your choice of pieces that show your personality and your courage to be unique (unless your neighbors are boring). And it makes for great conversation pieces.

If you have been following us awhile you know that we are known to have unique pieces. I have added pics of some of my favorites of the more unique furniture and decor that we have created. The awesome thing about these pieces are that they are not only unique and have some personality but they are also functional and help serve a purpose in your home.

I encourage you to show your personality, think outside the box, have fun and be unique!!!

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Lisa Lark


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