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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

So I'm guessing a lot of you have watched one of the auction reality tv shows. From what I have seen, they are somewhat close to what an auction is like, adding some drama and entertainment and some, umm, interesting(?) personalities. Although a little less entertaining in real life, auctions really can be a great place to pick up some great pieces at good prices.

I know some of you are a little shy about "getting your bid on". I understand! The auctioneer is speaking in a strange language, people are watching you, and you have a short time to decide to keep going higher in price.You might spend too much just because you REALLY want that antique dresser and MAYBE the person you are bidding against will give up soon. . Lots of pressure there!

Don't be shy! Go to a couple first and just watch to get an idea of how it works. Have a max price in your head before you start bidding and stick to it! (Very hard to do when you REALLY want that antique dresser). If you don't understand the auctioneer, ask a question. Stop the auctioneer or one of their helpers and ask to clarify if he just said 22.50 or 20 then 50. It is just fine to ask. It happens all the time. There are also usually several "regulars" that are generally friendly and can help guide you along. You will be a pro in no time! Just make sure that if your husband is across the room, you are not bidding against him on the yummy homemade pumpkin bread they are auctioning off. Just saying. It could happen. (Btw, I won:)).

So what are the best auctions to go to? I like the ones that aren't as well advertised or in a more remote area just because they tend to have less of a crowd which means less competition. You can still get great deals at auctions with a bigger crowd too. Half the crowd may be there for the antique toy collection and don't care at all about that antique dresser. It is really whatever you feel comfortable with.

I will say, auctions aren't all fun and games. The more items available, the longer they last. And you do have to haul home all that stuff you just bought. Just keep in mind how you are going to get purchases home before you buy that 8 piece 70's bedroom set that would look great in distressed teal (oohhh or red!) I may have ran into the "no room" problem a time or two.That is why, even though you won that pumpkin bread fair and square, you should still share it with your husband. You might need his help later.

I've added some pictures of the last auction we went to, on a Friday night, one pic at 6pm and one at midnight while we were STILL there with 3 kids including a toddler and the baby. Sounds fun right?! See? I really do put extra effort into finding good stuff for you! And I did pick up a few good things at that auction! I also didn't get a couple things that sold higher than I wanted to pay. But that's ok! I only have so much room, right?

For fun, I added a video of my baby being entertained by my 2 year old during the auction. I gotta slip the "show off my kids" video in there somewhere, right? And it is auction related,,,

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