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Front Porch Fix-Ups offers repurposed, rustic, and unique furniture, home decor and gifts.  Located in Northwest Missouri,  we are a husband and wife team with a little help from our three kids.  We turned our passion for creating into an opportunity to share with others.   

Front Porch Fix-Ups began as a passion to improve our  furniture pieces and create unique home decor in our own home.   When we started bringing home more than what could fit in our house, they were stored on our front porch until they were refinished.  So Front Porch Fix-Ups was born!

We love that we have the opportunity to share our unique finds and to create pieces that are our own unique style. We know you will love them also!


We are able to do custom creations! If you are looking for something in particular or can't find anything that is exactly what you are looking for, please contact us and we will let you know what we can do and give you a pricing estimate.  We love to create and look forward to hearing your ideas!


What We Believe In

Worthy product:  Community Love:  Small Town Charm. 

Belief #1: Worthy Product:  

-*Our passion is to offer a product that will last you a long time.  You can trust that any product we sell whether it is furniture, paint, candles, signs, etc will be a great product.

-*Our upcycled and hand made products are unique.

-*Reasonable Prices.  We price fairly according to the materials, time and going market rates.  

-*It's not over after the sale is done.  If you have a question after you bring that piece of furniture home, please ask!  Do you need help with a paint technique? We love to help.  You can reach us through our website, social medica or give me a call!


Belief #2: Community Love

-*We support our local artisans and crafters.  We live in a very small community with a lot of big talent.  *We host a craft fair annually that highlights our local crafters.  We love to buy from our local crafters and we love to help promote our local crafters. 

-*We get involved.  Another way to show our love for the community is our volunteer efforts.  We help when we can with community events, fundraising and benefit/charity events.

-*We spread the word.  We love to brag about how great our community is.  Check our blog posts for great info about our community.


Belief #3: Small Town charm

-*We believe whole heartedly that there are just certain ways that only exist in small towns.

-*Everyone is a neighbor and we know our neighbors.  We know about everyone by name.

-*We know someone who does that.  Not only do we know their names, but we know what they do.  Do you need something done?  We know somebody.  Do you need upholstery work?  We know somebody.  Do you need some wood work done?  We know somebody.

-*We love to talk.  We have the gift for gab!  A little socializing sure never hurt anyone! What a great way to connect with people and get to know each other!